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Monday, October 16, 2017

Magazine Drive Info!!

Our SDMS Magazine drive starts today!!
All proceeds from the magazine subscription sales help to cover the costs of various initiatives at SDMS:
-keeping field trip costs down
-helping to pay for dances
-paying for SBAC incentives later in the school year (dance party, snack bags etc)
-and lots more!!!

Do you have relatives who live across the country who wish they could help support your fundraiser??? GOOD NEWS… THEY CAN!
Step 3: Find the green “LET’S GET STARTED” box, and enter the SDMS school code
    SDMS SCHOOL CODE IS: 2702033
Step 4: The “sponsor” (person buying a magazine subscription) must enter the  name of the SDMS student they are supporting (first and last name).
Step 5: Check the confirmation page to be sure all information is correct.  
Step 6: Thanks to everyone!

Start date: Monday October 16th
All orders due: Friday November 3rd

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Creative Arts Committee Announcements

Creative Arts Annual Fundraiser for this Fall, runs October 2-13th.  Flyers with envelopes will be delivered later next week to schools - attached are the beautiful COLOR versions!

Fund Drive is complimenting monies granted by Keane Foundation. The Fund Drive is scheduled to end at the Cove Carnival.  Committee members will reach out for student volunteers, including 6th graders. Students will wear their school shirts volunteering for one hour shifts on Friday night from 5:00 to around 8:00 p.m. and shifts on Saturday between 1:00 - 4:00 pm.  More information will be announced soon from Kim Rowe Miller. We have enlisted the competitive spirit of our families. A Reward will be given to the school that raises the most money! See Flyer link below.

October 10th Puerto Vallarta Fundraiser for Creative Arts - lunch, dinner or takeout.  Try the Mexican lettuce wraps! See flyer link below for more information.

Rob Surette, a live performing painter, will come to SDMS on 11/22/2017. He will visit each of our Elementary Schools before Christmas holidays.  Special thanks to Wethersfield teachers who recommended our performers - including our other scheduled event, motivational/sports performer Dr. Dribble, coming in Spring 2018.

Your ideas are always welcome for next year's programming.
Thank you!
Eileen Candels and Andrea Aglieco
Co Chairs, Wethersfield Creative Arts Council

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


As after-school activities begin, we want to remind families that only students who have made arrangements to stay on school property under the supervision of a teacher will be allowed to take the late bus.  
For the safety and well being of all, we must ask that students not congregate in areas outside the building after school hours (eg, the hill between the town library and the school, the soccer field, etc.)  Students may utilize the school library after school, but they must sign in and sign out, follow school rules, and be working on school work.  

The expectation is that if students are staying after school at SDMS, they are to have made arrangements to be in supervised areas.   

Click Here to view SDMS After School Expectations